4 Natural Ways to Keep Vulnerable Citizens Healthy

Keeping our children and seniors healthy in the winter can be challenging.  These two groups of people are extra vulnerable to germs and sicknesses in the winter months.  Listed below are some natural ways to help boost the immune system for people of all ages.  By trying some of these immune boosters, you will have a better chance of keeping your loved ones from getting ill.

Essential Oils

Did you know that lavender essential oil is a natural hand sanitizer?  Well it is!  No need to use chemical based hand sanitizer to keep the germs away when you are on the go.  Just use a few drops of lavender on your hands and you will be good to go.

Tea, Zinc & Protein

Drinking hot tea with some lemon and honey is an easy way to help keep germs away.  The acidity of the lemon helps to thin out any mucus build-up, and the honey acts as a natural anti-bacterial.

“When you have an itchy throat or feel a cold coming on, take a zinc supplement or a lozenge with zinc in it.  Zinc is a great way to fight off those cold germs and can get you feeling better again quickly,” said Marc Holt, spokesperson for the Sonoma, CA in home care organization, AmeriCare Sonoma.

Making sure to plan meals for your family that include a lot of protein will help to boost the immune system.  Make protein-rich food a part of your day.  Foods like fish, yogurt, meat, and eggs are sure to be great additions to any meal during the day.  In addition, it is likely that your child already enjoys some protein-rich foods.

Sauna Time

Seniors, adults and children should visit a local sauna.  A sauna is a great way to feel refreshed.  The heat will make you sweat, and possibly drawing the toxins out with it.  This can help eliminate the offending germs, minimalizing your chance of illness.


“Juicing is a great way to make sure that the children in your life are getting tons of vitamins in their diet,” said Wayne Schlicht, who helps connect families with those in need of babysitting jobs.  “By mixing up your fruits and vegetables in the juices, you will be able to create fun juice blends that include healthy vegetables that otherwise wouldn’t have been eaten. This is a great way to mask vegetable flavors for the picky eaters, yet make sure that they are getting the right vitamins in their body to help their immune system stay strong during the cold and flu season.”

Keeping your team of young and old healthy during the cold and flu season can be a challenge, with immune systems that are very susceptible to getting sick easily.  Taking care of your family in the most natural means possible is a great way to keep them strong, and provide them with extra boosts of germ killing, sickness fighting vitamins.  By keeping hands sanitized and proteins on their plates, illness will hopefully not affect your kids and seniors this cold and flu season.

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