3 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Infertility can be a stressful situation for those who can’t conceive. Whether you are a man or a woman, losing weight, eating right, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake are some of the obvious things you can do to increase your fertility. Let’s have a look at some of the all-natural ways that can be really helpful in boosting your fertility.

  1. Increasing intake of fats and carbohydrates

Simply put, low carbohydrate level in your body can actually inhibit your thyroid health. Both men and women need much of thyroid to conceive. Eating more of fats and carbohydrates does not mean binging on popcorn, potato chips and breads altogether. Consuming vegetables rich in starch, nuts, whole grains and fruits everyday will do the work. If you have problem digesting carbohydrates, consider supplementing with enzymes. In addition to that, fats and fatty acids are essential for conceiving too. Sources like butter and eggs are rich in arachidonic acid that is highly crucial to be fertile. If you are not so much interested in animal products, you can increase your fat intake by taking more of avocadoes, and oils of coconut, evening primrose or flax. Remember, healthy fats and carbohydrates will not increase your weight.

  1. Try some herbs

Mother Nature has some herbs that can actually increase your fertility in a natural way. Maca can raise your body temperature, regulate and stabilize your hormones, and thus optimize your fertility. Red clover is rich in minerals and vitamins, that process metabolic wastes in your body, and make it more alkaline to become more sperm-friendly. This herb can also relax your reproductive system, strengthen your bones and blood, and tone your entire system. Red clover herb is also available in capsule form. Bee pollen is effective in increasing sperm count in men, and also cleansing women’s body so that minerals and vitamins can be infused into it.

  1. Do some meditation and yoga

There is major connection between your fertility and your stress levels. When you are stressed, you are more likely to not conceive. You must have heard many people say that they conceived the time they had stopped trying. Take some rest and rejuvenate, and this can be a major point to break your cycle of infertility. Yoga can be an obvious choice to boost your fertility, as it can help by relaxing you, strengthening you, and helping you breathe deeply. Meditation is equally helpful too. Yoga Nidra is a type of guided meditation in which you relax deeply to your subconscious. This kind of meditation is much more relaxing even than a full night’s sleep. When your mind is relaxed, you have more chances of conceiving.

herbalmedicineIf you are having problem conceiving, try these all-natural ways to boost your fertility. Eat healthy, leave your bad habits, relax your mind and try again. If possible, get enrolled in a yoga class, and set adrift from depression and stress. Don’t loose hope, as conceiving is just a matter of hormones most of the times.

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