10 Common Misconceptions About Dental School

Dental School

Every year thousands of students fill in their dental school application with the hope of soon packing their bags and heading off to enjoy years of expert training from which they will emerge as fully qualified dentists. While many students have a good idea of what they can expect from their dental school course, there are also a number of misconceptions that even the most clued up student believe.

To help you know what you can expect when you start your dental course we’ve uncovered the 10 most common misconceptions about dental school:

1/ All dental schools are the same

In fact all dental schools are very different and while the basics will be covered each school with teach different things in different ways. Even the dental school requirements will differ, so makes sure before you start filling in your dental school application that this is the right one for you.

2/ Dental schools is not as intense as medical school

Many people believe that those choosing to go to dental school are only doing so because they failed to get into medical school. This is not the case, most dental school students want to career in dentistry, hence their reason for applying, and if you do think dental school is easy you’ll soon find out the truth.

3/ You have no time for socializing

While dental school isn’t easy, it isn’t all work either. So yes, you will have time to socialize and party, occasionally.

4/ You need to be young

Just because you’re in your late 20s doesn’t mean you’re too old for dental school. With the job market as it is, many people are changing careers later in life so just because you are over a certain age don’t let that stop you from filling in your dental school application.

5/ Professors try to weed out weak students

While those who are unable to keep up with the work won’t last the course, most professors will try and offer encouragement and motivation to their students.

6/ It is all theory based

Dental school is about preparing you for a career in dentistry, so expect a lot of practical work including dealing with your client’s patients.

7/ It is all-practical based

While also keep in mind that there will be a significant amount of theory side to your course, along with assignments and exams; so be prepared to study hard.

8/ You’ll have to wear a uniform

You might have to wear a uniform at certain schools and when on a work placement, but in general a smart appearance is all that is required.

9/ You need to come from money to go to dental school

There are many ways to fund your time at dental school and just because you don’t come from a wealthy background don’t let that stop you. Instead hunt around for the different financial options available to you.

10/ It’s just your grades that count

When applying for dental school most will take into account your entire application. So when you’re writing your dental school personal statement remember that it will be more than just your grade average that the admissions committee will be looking at.

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